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In collaboration with a newly developing nonprofit, Freedom to Teach and Learn, and the JaxbyJax Literary Arts Festival, we are proud to announce our upcoming event, #TruthBeTold!  

We're planning an event in anticipation of and in accordance with the African American Policy Forum's Day of Action.


#TruthBeTold is planned for Saturday, April 29, at the Cork Arts District located at 2689 Rosselle Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32204. A Facebook event has been created and can be found here:


Our event includes: 

  • 2-3:30: Cork Arts Workshop: A panel round-table discussion with community leaders which include diverse perspectives about attacks on diversity

  • Space for kids to color, read, and explore simultaneously, especially diverse texts for young readers

  • Break and transition

  • 4-5: Small groups: Curated conversations on activism next steps to begin within our community 

  • 5-6:30: Reception and Gallery: A celebration of diversity, we will explore and interact with a collage of testimonials, listen to local poets, and enjoy music

The testimonials will be anonymous and will be used in our "Wall of Words" art collage installation that we will reveal during the event reception in the gallery space. 

To submit your testimonial, please use the application below. These testimonials are ways you can express your truths on the following subjects:

  • Share your story about having your words censored.

  • Describe how you have experience attacks on diversity.

  • Share and short quotes or poems about celebrating diversity.

  • Reflect on the importance of honoring an creating space for diversity within this community. 

To donate and show support for the event, please see this GoFundMe website:


Submit your anonymous testimonial here. These words will be used to create a "Wall of Words" collage that will be revealed during our Diversity Celebration. 

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