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TO WATCH JAXBYJAX LITERARY ARTS FESTIVAL VII, you MUST have a Facebook profile and GO TO: facebook.com/JaxbyJax and LIKE the page. 


Here are links to JaxbyJax Literary Arts Festival VII, in the video section of the JaxbyJax Literary Arts page.

Day One:


Day Two:


Please note that both videos have identical openings for the first minute and twenty seconds, but different writers and different content after that.

THEN ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, AT NOON, GO TO: facebook.com/jaxbyjax TO JOIN THE WATCH PARTY FOR THE FIRST HALF OF THE DOCUMENTARY FILM.   The first two hours (with a brief intermission) will LIFT YOUR SPIRITS and OPEN YOUR MIND, featuring poetry and prose by Yvette Angelique, Ben Atkinson, Tayve Neese, Abel Harding, Lex Hamilton, Tim Gilmore, Taryn "Love Reigns" Wharwood, Brad Kuhn, Shannon Pulusan, Johnny Masiulewicz, Michelle Lizet Flores, Damon Thomas, singer/songwriter Jesse Montoya, and featured poet Lynn Skapyak Harlin, who will read her work and also wrap things up with a 15-minute workshop on HOOKS that you won't want to miss. 


COME BACK TO FACEBOOK ON SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18, AT 7 P.M. and GO TO: facebook.com/jaxbyjax TO JOIN THE WATCH PARTY FOR THE SECOND HALF OF THE DOCUMENTARY FILM. The second two hours (with a brief intermission) will HEAL YOUR HEART, featuring poetry and prose by Andres Rojas, Sarah Crooks, Thomas Ferriello, Sonja Mongar, Tricia Booker, Nikesha Williams, Sohrab Homi Fracis, singer/songwriter Jesse Montoya, and the fabulous STUDENT SHOWCASE. We'll learn how to get involved with Women Writing for a Change from Jennifer Wolfe, talk with Ron Chamblin about the importance of bookstores, and walk with Tommy Shapard through his experience at Baptist Health with COVID-19.

YES, instead of having one two-hour documentary video to be shown on Saturday and repeated on Sunday, we filmed enough fabulous material for almost four hours of viewing pleasure. Don't despair if you miss one of the watch parties; we'll post the videos elsewhere later. But all the COOL KIDS will be at the watch parties; just saying.

See you there!

"Official history may be written after the fact by the winners of wars. Real history, however,  is chronicled, in real time, in the slivers and shards of soul songs scribbled by poets and writers. It is these upwellings that social scientists mine to find the unalloyed truth of a moment.

Writers of Jacksonville, this is our moment, and we are writing its history.

There is a lot to unpack in 2020: plague, isolation, fear, poverty, climate change, social injustice, and political corruption. There is also the hope for a better, brighter tomorrow, that can be found in the work of a new generation of activists who are inspiring us all with their courage and willingness to take a brutal beating and stand up, again, for a righteous cause.

This is the story of our times, but it is playing out right here in this beautiful, ugly; broken, healing; hide-bound, evolving; inspiring, infuriating Southern Gothic mess of a city we call home.

The Jax by Jax Literary Arts Festival was created for this moment. And even though it has been decided that we will not be able to get together in person this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show must go on. Our voices must be heard—especially now.

With that in mind, the festival organizers are proud to announce that Jax by Jax VII will be a virtual event, with writer performances and commentary captured on video, and presented in a two-hour documentary.

Although it is disappointing that we will not all be able to get together in person this year, this adversity has created an incredible opportunity for us to use the technology of our time to capture our moment in the amber of digital video and create something unique and timeless.” 

~ Brad Kuhn

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