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JaxbyJax IX Writers



2022 Writers

Congratulations to the featured writers!

Featured Memoirist:
Damon Thomas

4:00 pm Auditorium

Featured Poet:

Andres Rojas

4:15 pm Auditorium

Featured Playwright:

Bobbie O'Connor

4:30 pm Auditorium

Featured Author:

Julie Delegal

4:45 pm Auditorium

Featured Screenwriters:

Sharon Cobb

Ebony Payne English

Monique Madrid

Alexa Wint

Franklin Ritch

5:00 pm Auditorium

Congratulations to the selected writers!

(in alphabetical order)

Tricia Booker

3:15 pm  Auditorium

Ma Bones

11:15 am Rooftop Garden

Barbara Colaciello

11 am Auditorium

William Howard Denson

3 pm Auditorium

Valarie Esguerra

2:30 pm Rooftop Garden

Sohrab Homi Fracis

11:45 am Auditorium

Jeff Knapp

3:00 pm Rooftop Garden

Lynn Skapyak Harlin

2:45 pm Auditorium

James Hunter

11:30 am Auditorium

Wynne Karnath

11:15 am Auditorium

Tim Gilmore

3:15 pm Rooftop Garden

Sonja Mongar

11:45 Rooftop Garden

Nancy Murrey-Settle

2:45 pm Rooftop Garden

Linda O'Connell

11:30 am Rooftop Garden

Michael O'Connell

2:30 pm Auditorium

Jessica Stark

11:00 am Rooftop Garden

Writing Workshops:

10 am - 11 am

Sharon Cobb, Ebony Payne English,
Adam Madrid, Monique Madrid,
& Franklin Ritch
"Screenwriting in Jacksonville" 
Northern Trust Seminar Room 219

Jennifer Wolfe
Women Writing for a Change 
"This is Jacksonville" 
2nd Floor Conference Room 202

Lynn Skapyak Harlin
"Writing the Rondolet Poem" 

Training Center Room 038

Yvette Angelique
"Writing the Bop Poem"  

Training Center Room 039

Wynne Karnath 
"Emerging Technologies in Sci-Fi Writing" Training Center Room 042


Damon Thomas 
"Writing Flash Memoir" 

Training Center Room 043

Vic DiGenti

"The Not-So-Secret Life of a Ghostwriter"

Training Center Room 044

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