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2018 Venues 

Riverside Avondale
The Studios at FL School of Holistic Health
Coliseum of Comics
Flaire Celebrations
Cool Moose
Whiteway Building
Southern Roots logo
Riverside Liquors
Willowbranch Public Library

Park & King

To after-party at Yellow House, 577 King Street, at the

intersection of King & Phyllis St. 


Riverside Liquors.png

To Student Showcase at Women Writing for a Change, 1610 Osceola Street. Take Herschel to Osceola, and turn right.


Beer:30 A Craft Beer Emporium

1271 King Street,Jacksonville FL



Buckland House at Riverside Avondale Preservation

2623 Herschel Street, Jacksonville FL



Coliseum of Comics

2724 Park Street, Jacksonville FL



Cool Moose

2708 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL




2766 Park Street, Jacksonville FL



Flaire Celebrations

2762 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL



Jacksonville Magazine

1261 King Street, Jacksonville, FL

(904) 389-3622


Riverside Liquors.png
Riverside Liquors Village Wine Shop

1251 King Street, Jacksonville, FL

(904) 356-4517 riversideliquors.biiz

San Marco Books & More Popup Bookstore

2720 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL (Sidewalk and Lobby of Whiteway Building)

(904) 396-7597

Southern Roots Filling Station

1275 King Street, Jacksonville, FL

(904) 513-4726

Studios at Florida School of Holistic Health

1506 King Street, Jacksonville, FL

(904) 465-0985

Whiteway Corner Conference Room

(2nd floor, accessible through lobby)

2720 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL

(904) 388-2154



Willowbranch Public Library

2875 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL

(904) 381-8490



If you are a local business owner and have questions about the event or if would like your business to serve as a venue, please contact Darlyn Finch Kuhn at  

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