JaxbyJax 2016 will kick off with a Student Showcase, featuring a number of Jacksonville's most talented student writers. The Student Showcase will begin at

2 pm, one hour before the main event, and will be hosted at Il Desco, Modern Italian Cuisine, 2665 Park Street, in the heart of Riverside. 





Madeline Windsor is a student at Florida State College at Jacksonville. She likes to talk to an audience (or inanimate objects, whichever) for ten minutes straight for fun, and is a member of FSCJ’s Forensics (Speech/Debate) team. She graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, and writes poetry in order to explore and promote the “feminine perspective.” She’s obsessed with dogs, coffee, and Daenerys Targaryan.



Joshua Tenpenny lives on the Southside of Jacksonville, at least, physically. Really, he lives in his own head, constantly developing the stories and characters that plague him. He will be reading a scene from the future of novels and animated series, A Skeptic's Mistake. Said series will feature a setting unheard of in fantasy, well developed characters which drive the action, and an overarching story that spans across space and time.



Marvin Simmons Jr moved to the Jacksonville area, from Albany Georgia, when he was 13. He graduated from the University of Central Florida. He has four sons and hopes to become a published author.



Bella Hughes is a senior from Sandalwood High School who is finishing her last year in the Early College Program at FSCJ. She plans on majoring in Marine Biology and is attending the University of North Florida next summer. She loves the ocean and finds it quite mysterious. She has lived in the same house in Jacksonville all her life and truly loves spending time with her family. Bella is finishing her last year of Girl Scouts after 12 years. She enjoys a variety of art forms, as well as creating her own. Throughout her life, Bella wishes to travel around the world and learn about different cultures.



Josh Tremble lives in Jacksonville with his girlfriend, Tori. They have four cats and one dog. He was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, and immigrated here when he was 10. He loves to read manga, his favorite series is Devilman. He spends his time watching strange movies with friends and traveling around the country to see loud bands play in small sweaty rooms. His favorite director is David Lynch and he is envious of his wonderful hair.



Rebecca Hersh is a student at FSCJ, but hopes to transfer to a university next fall, preferably one far away. Rebecca was born in Florida and raised in Florida. The one thing she wants to do is see the world, which she feels will help make the most of her life.  Her hobbies include eating, video games, and, of course, writing. She currently is not working on any projects, but is optimistic an idea will come. She remembers the first time she ever opened a Word document to write fiction, an idea her then-friend suggested. She was 10 and the story featured kids fighting zombies with sticks. She likes to believe there has been some improvement.



Alexis Couture is a 20 year old student at FSCJ. She loves long walks on the beach and blowing things up with her Russian assault rifle. It’s called an SKS but she calls it “her baby.” It’s her trusted hunting rifle which she is hoping to use every weekend this season on her family’s hunting property in Georgia. Alexis will be getting married in March; it would have been sooner if school wasn’t such a life sucker. Luckily she finishes that in December. She is also working to become a doggie hair stylist for PetSmart. She loves her job; the constant barking, biting, and pooping is so worth getting the dog’s afro perfect for the pet parent. Finally, Alexis can’t wait to get back into training horses. When she finishes school and has a life again she plans to make this her side job. She’s excited for life to begin.



Mike Hesson is on a quest to reach self-actualization and spread peace and love to all through voluntarism and nonviolence. He currently works at a retirement home part time, while he spends most of his time at school. In his free time he has begun to study philosophy, lift weights, tinker with computers, and dabble in music.  He recently discovered an attraction to writing and plans to pursue it to some degree. He’s heard writers are some of the happiest people on earth AND the highest payed, so he knows he is in the right place. He is a proud individual. He is a quiet anarchist. He is a champion of self-ownership.



Micah Fisher currently attends Florida State College @ Jacksonville and will be attending the University of North Florida next spring. He is majoring in History and Communications and cannot wait to graduate and owe thousands of dollars in student loans. Micah is a firm believer that Octavian was the greatest Caesar, Shakespeare is overrated, pineapples belong on pizza, and the Washington Redskins are the best team in the NFC East.

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